Stepanova on a back injury: “For the third season I go to the same doctor in Germany. One injection given there is enough for the whole season. "

Russian figure skater Alexandra Stepanova, performing in ice dancing with Ivan Bukin, spoke about her back problems and her illness before the start of the season.

- A month ago, answering my question about your current state, the Beetle answered in one word: "We got out." What was the problem with entering the season so late? Is it only in the transferred coronavirus?

- Rather, it all came together. Before the start of the season, my back injury worsened once again, and severely. Even from small movements, it sometimes shot so that the pain became impossible to endure. The partner had to take me in his arms, carry me off the ice to the locker room, help remove the limbs ...

- Three years ago, you already had to solve this problem?

- And two years ago too. It turns out that for the third season I go to the same doctor in Germany. We honestly tried to cure the back in Moscow, made blockades, but to no avail. Not to mention, this is a very unpleasant procedure.

- It turns out that the opportunity to go to Germany was a salvation?

- Yes. Fortunately, one injection given there is enough for me for the whole season. The doctor injects a special fluid into the spine, which is distributed between the squeezed joints. It turns out to be a kind of pillow, and I can work calmly.

When we went to this clinic for the first time, I didn’t believe in anything: I was engaged in physical therapy, and suffered blockades, and many other procedures had to be done - nothing helped. And then the doctor laid me down on the couch and calmly says: "If this is what I think about, everything will go away in half an hour."

- I can imagine your reaction.

“Then I felt both sad and funny at the same time. I didn’t believe it at all. Moreover, after half an hour the pain was still there. But an hour and a half later, when I was already sitting at the airport and waiting for the flight to Moscow, I suddenly felt that very strange sensations arose in my back. As if the bones begin to separate and the spine moves more and more freely. I was stunned, honestly.

The doctor said that the injection should be guaranteed to last for six months, but it turned out that it was enough for me for a whole season.

- But you and your partner missed the open September rentals not only for this reason?

- I was very ill the day before. Bronchitis, pneumonia, then complications began. When they thought that I was completely cured, and began to prepare with might and main for the first start, some strange jumps in temperature began.

As soon as the load was given to me, I immediately fell off. It seems like I can withstand the workout, I feel pretty good, but by the evening my throat starts to hurt, and the next morning I have a thermometer of 38 kopecks. But they also found a reason. It turned out that two of the most vicious bacteria were stuck in the throat from some previous diseases at once, so the usual antibiotic simply did not take them, '' said Stepanova.